Who is writing all these posts (and what you’re reading)

My name is Binh. I'm currently an independent web designer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

A little backstory, I graduated as a Pharmacist in 2019. When COVID hit at 2020 and Vietnam has a mandatory lock-down, I started learning about coding, landed a full time job as a back-end engineer working with C# and .NET, worked at the company for about a year while still keep learning and being fascinated by the world of UX-UI and web design. 

I have met awesome people and friends along the way that enable me to pursue my passion as a full-time web designer and creator.

Why do you create Binh By Stories?

The main reason I created Binh By Stories as a platform where I can share my thoughts, experience, resources that have helped me in my journey as a way to give back to the community and help an aspiring designer like many have helped me before. This is also a love letter I want to write to all my mentors and the people I've learnt from so that I can be where I am today. 

I also want this to be a learning opportunity where I can practice my writing and organize my thoughts into bite-sized bits that you can read. My personal goal is to write everyday, consistently.

The Mission

To encourage and inspire creatives to create and find balance as well as joy in their lives and their work.

The Vision

I want this blog and its idea to become more than just me, I would love to have other like-minded creative people sharing their ideas on this blog in the future!

What can you expect?

“Binh By Stories” is a blog where I share my thoughts and ideas about life, work and inspirations that I listened to or read about. The 5 main categories will be:

Thoughts about life, relationship, health, finding balance.

Business ideas, freelance thoughts, my experiences working with clients.

Tips and tricks, faq, inspirations about designing

Quotes or lessons from books I've read

Movie reviews, random thoughts that I can't categorize into the above 4 categories

As of now, there will be 3 blog posts per week on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The goal would be daily blog posts and an active newsletter. You can sign up now to be one of the early-birds